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He forced me…

Posted 15 January 2014 / By Anonymous / Mere Doston Ki Stories

i really like a guy who is my cozin in a long relation nd we use to share same room when i ussully goes to my grandmom’s house.
i like him very as i love taking to him, nd sharing my feelings to him but as he is elder to me he too loves me nd cares me bt like a sis..
one day i nd he watching a romantic movie togther i ws nt able to control my feelings and i kissed him.. nd went out from the room..
as he came to know that i like him.
then we ussually had covrsation like a gf & bf..
one day i nd he were alone in the whole house he came in my room nd asked me to get physical..
i was shocked
nd firstly i was too excited that too loves me.
but i thinks what i m going to do.
is wrong.
my parents trust me.
nd i dont want to break there trust.
and i say no to physical relation.
nd then i saw the real face of at that time.
he told every one about us but he said that i forced him to make physical relation..

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